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bib -> lout bibliographical database converter?

Subject: bib -> lout bibliographical database converter?
Date: 07 Oct 94 10:39:04 -0100

Does anyone have some script (perhaps in perl) or program to convert
LaTeX .bib bibliographical database to lout .ld database.

I think such an utility should be useful:

1) there are already several good (and big) .bib (latex) databases.

2) I believe that keeping ones bibliography in a .bib file is better, because
   a) most journals accept LaTeX but not Lout papers
   b) LaTeX .bib files have a good support from many utilities (eg emacs .bib 

I'm also interested in a refer->lout converter.

I do think that my bibliography should be in a commonly used format
such as .bib or refer. I don't want to manage several bibliographical files.


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