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Lout mode for Emacs

Subject: Lout mode for Emacs
Date: 07 Oct 94 10:33:11 -0100

Hello all Lout users,

Does anyone work or even have some design ideas for a (small) Lout v3
(using de DocumentLayout package) mode for the Emacs editor (my target
is GNU emacs 19.25 or above). I've begin to write one. I think some
useful features could be:

1) a command using emacs completion feature for all @* stuff.

2) a command to insert balanced structuring, such as 
  @End @Chapter

3) some moving command to step into or around such structures.

4) some menus to assist Lout typing for novices, mainly to interface
the above features.  

Any comments or ideas? Please email.

Of course, if someone already have a working Lout mode for Emacs could
he please share it?


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N.B. Any opinions expressed here are solely mine, and not of my organization.
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