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From: Luis Melendez Aganzo
Subject: txt2lout
Date: Mon, 3 Oct 1994 21:25:59 +0100 (MET)

Hi all!

When you have a plain text file and want to process it with LOUT,
you have to make some transformations, mainly:

- Subtitute empty lines with @LP, @PP or some other paragraph-breaking

- Quote the special characters.

I have done a program that does this automatically, with some other
facilities available. Among them:

- Substitute several empty lines for only one paragraph-breaking command
- Quote whole lines in the input file
- Use prefix and postfix files

More information is in the source code. The program is called txt2lout
and you can download it via anonymous FTP in ftp.uco.es://luism/txt2lout.c

If you use it and you see any bug or you suggest soem improvement, I'd
like to hear it.

| Luis Melendez                     ^  email: address@hidden        |
| Centro de Calculo Cientifico      ^  Tlf: 957-218119                      |
| Universidad de Cordoba (SPAIN)    ^  MIME Spoken Here                     |
| gopher://gopher.uco.es            ^  http://www.uco.es                    |

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