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Chapter titles and different fonts

From: Jeff Kingston
Subject: Chapter titles and different fonts
Date: Tue, 04 Oct 1994 09:16:37 +1000

  I'm new to Lout and what I'm trying to do is have each
  chapter title in a font like Chancery. I can do this *but*
  the entry in the table of contents appears in the same font...
This looks like another Version 2 question.  In Version 2 many things
are fixed, and the font of chapter headings is one of them.  In Version
3, which is due out in the next week or so (it's currently being beta
tested by many users, successfully), there is a @ChapterHeadingFont
option in the book setup file for changing the font of chapter headings
without disturbing the table of contents.  Actually there may be a
similar Version 2 option, I forget now, but in general Version 2 offers
many fewer such choices, and those that are there are often not mentioned
in the Beginners' Guide.

Jeff Kingston

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