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Chapter titles and different fonts

From: Raistlin
Subject: Chapter titles and different fonts
Date: Mon, 3 Oct 94 12:12:15 EDT

        I'm new to Lout and what I'm trying to do is have each
chapter title in a font like Chancery. I can do this *but* the entry
in the table of contents appears in the same font and size. What
I'm doing is @Title { {Times Slope 24p } @Font {The Beginning} }.
I set the InitialFont in the @Book definition to Helvetica and
while the rest of the chapter appears in that font, the TOC is
messed up. Any ideas? Do I have to dig deep into the bowels of
Lout to solve this or is there a way around this using the normal
book package? I'm also using the @Tag member of @Chapter.

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