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Re: Some thoughts on Latex, troff, and lout

From: Mark Griffith
Subject: Re: Some thoughts on Latex, troff, and lout
Date: Thu, 4 Nov 93 11:38:59 CST

Gene sez:

>     Here are some thoughts on Lout -- basically reasons why I haven't
> used it, despite my best attempts

>       2.  No hook for graphical previewers for X11.  Sorry, Ghostview
>           doesn't cut it.  It's very slow compared to xditview,
>           xtroff, or (blyeach) xdvi.

I have used Lout with ghostscript with great success.  I haven't noticed it
being too slow, only a second or so to render a page.  I normally run it on
an X terminal with a window opened for editing my file, another to compile
it with Lout, and another to run ghostscript.  I've found this to be very
quick.  On a 19" screen, the ghostscript previewer positions everything
fairly accurately.  I only need to print a copy for final previewing and
fine placement.  This is with ghostscript ver. 2.6.1 by the way.

I've used Lout for over a year now and would not use anything else for my
documents.  I haven't figured out yet how to use the eps include feature,
but everything else works very well for me.  If you add other utilties for
printing postscript files n up and some others for doing page imposition for
you, Lout serves all my needs.


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