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Re: Some thoughts on Latex, troff, and lout

From: Aaron Roydhouse
Subject: Re: Some thoughts on Latex, troff, and lout
Date: Thu, 04 Nov 1993 16:36:03 +1300

==> "Gene" == Gene Kim writes:

Gene> 2.  No hook for graphical previewers for X11.  Sorry, Ghostview
Gene> doesn't cut it.  It's very slow compared to xditview, xtroff, or
Gene> (blyeach) xdvi.

This was true. However look again, if you install a newer version of
ghostscript (e.g. 2.6) and install it with platform font support then
it will usually use bitmap and cached fonts from your X11R5 font
server, rather than always rendering it's own. I've found this previews
PostScript document as fast as our dvi previewer previews DVI files.


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