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Re: collision beam with staff-crossing beam

From: Werner LEMBERG
Subject: Re: collision beam with staff-crossing beam
Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2013 12:00:51 +0100 (CET)

> There are currently around 100 callbacks in LilyPond for various
> properties (check out anything in define-grobs.scm starting with
> ly:).  For most of them, there is no way to know how they work
> unless one reads code.

Umm, adding docstrings, as David suggests, would help the casual
source code reader *a lot*.

> In the documentation build, there is no mechanism to
> document what these callbacks do.

Indeed, it would be tremendously helpful if we could add those strings
to the automatic build.

>>  \override Beam.skyline-offsets = #'(0 . 10)
>>  \override Beam.vertical-skylines =
>>              #ly:grob::shift-vertical-skylines-by-offset
> This is an excellent idea.  One of my current patches starts a more
> robust API for skylines (the same sorta thing that exists for
> stencils, allowing to translate, etc.).  After that is pushed, I'll
> expand it to allow this sort of thing.  Pester me in 2 weeks or so
> if I forget.

Will do, thanks!

> It is a good docstring but could perhaps be changed to "Fattens each
> constituent building of a skyline by this amount when determining
> distances with other skylines.  The larger this is, the more likely
> two buildings are to be identified as intersecting."

I still don't understand, sorry.  What do you mean with `fatten'?  Can
you give a rough sketch?  And what is this property good for?


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