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Re: Emacs Mailer Options

From: harel barzilai
Subject: Re: Emacs Mailer Options
Date: 30 Dec 2006 22:55:36 -0800
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[removing "vm" group from "Followup-to"]

Giorgos Keramidas wrote:
> On 28 Dec 2006 21:20:22 -0800, "harel barzilai" <address@hidden> wrote:
> > To try to minimize the learning curve I found
> >
> > [...]
> > Second, I don't know what exactly procmail does on the system I am a
> > user of ( but they do have procmail. Does that mean I
> > have to follow the directions on "Procmail and Gnus"? Because they
> > indicate at "Procmail and Gnus"
> > ( "And then I have
> > procmail deliver to ~/.incoming/inbox.spool" which appears to be
> > "mbox" format rather than "Maildir" format. My question: Is that true?
> You can deliver to Maildir folders with procmail too.  The trick is to
> create a Maildir folder first, and then append '/' to the folder name in
> your `.procmailrc' file.
> To create an empty Maildir/ folder, you can use:
>     $ mkdir -p Maildir/cur Maildir/new Maildir/tmp
>     $ chmod 0700 Maildir Maildir/*

Do I need to do this to get gnus working? Unless I'm even more confused
than I think I am ;-) I don't...the Dreamhost system already has a
~/Maildir/ and under "new" subfolder creates files like
"1167545251.23134_0.looneymail-mx1" for messages. This is NEW to me
since up to now I have used the "mbox" format..but the Dreamhost
built-in antispam doesn't work so
I'm trying to move to Maildir format...if/when I can find an emacs mail
reader that handles
that..gnus is bulit in so I'm trying that..

> A delivery recipe, which sends all 'FreeBSD-related' email into this
> folder would look like this:
>     :0 H
>     * Sender:address@hidden
>     Maildir/

I think I can skip this too since it's already in the shell given to me
by to do this...

Now things get interesting...I created a new user "user_a"  in addition
 the user "harel"
so I can experiment with learning...unfortunately I did a "M-x gnus" to
try to resolve
the NNTP question while still in my "harel" regular account and it
sucked  all
existing emails (from the mbox file for the "harel" account) in my
regular, "harel" account into gnus...
so now I need to figure out how to use gnus in a HURRY...    :-O

I got " *: nndraft:draft" but it wouldn't let me hit return..which is
what I thought was telling me
to do to enter a group..
since the messages are old and not urgent I quit I need to
figure out how
to visit the ~/Mail/mail/misc/ it created with my old 200 message
WITHOUT having
it suck in all new messages from my "mbox" style mail spool file...I
can *probably* (he
says hopefully) figure out how to do that on my own..but wondering what
wrong with my attempt to "enter group under cursor" earlier..

Let me now try M-x gnus while logged into my "usera" test account
web panel lets you create that..I still do not have sysop ability in
any way...just the
panel lets a  dreamhost customer create another "user" ...) and see
what happens
with the mail there..because that "usera" account has the "Maildir"
format not
the "mbox" format for email. By the way both  accounts/uses have in
.emacs the lines

(setq gnus-select-method '(nnml ""))
(setq gnus-secondary-select-methods nil)

because the online FAQ said to use that if you want to use gnus ONLY
for email not
usenet (which for the time being is my wish, taking things one step at
a time.. :-)

Ok..I typed M-x gnus <Return> and it says "Gnus v5.9.0 (fundamental)"
makes sense to me as a longtime emacs user...and it says: "nnml:
reading  incoming
mail from file..." and its not doing anything did this for 3
or so solid minutes...I was
just about to C-g out of it but finally it now says, "movemail:  (1
return).  Continue? (yes or no)"
so I'll cross fingers and type "yes"...ok I'm now getting

   *: nndraft:drafts

again... and I'm getting "can't select group" again when I try to  hit
return or space.

But this time the reason must be different because my mail still sits
in ~/Maildir/new/ and there is nothing in the (I think?) gnus-created
for my "usera" account I guess I need to tell gnus to fetch
email from the Maildir style folders in ~/Maildir/   how do I do this?

And for my "harel" account, how do I get gnus to enter (and allow
me to "Enter group" etc) the 200 messages now sitting in the
Mail/mail/misc/ gnus created
(when I accidentally told it too, I guess) earlier tonight?

And is there an online tutorial that's I should follow instead of the
url above?


> Does their build-in antispam stuff work with your Maildir folders
> *after* email has been delivered into the folder?
> If this is true, it may be tricky to get their antispam to work with
> Gnus and "nnml"-style folders.  You can use Gnus to read messages
> *directly* from the Maildir/ folder though.

I think it does it before.. guess we will find out (if I get tons of
at "usera" account, then I guess it means it does antispam after...but
I hope/think it does antispam before depositing messges in ~/Maildir/ )

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