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Re: Emacs Mailer Options

From: harel barzilai
Subject: Re: Emacs Mailer Options
Date: 28 Dec 2006 21:20:22 -0800
User-agent: G2/1.0

address@hidden wrote:
> "harel barzilai" <address@hidden> writes:
> [...]
> > Apparnetly VM and GNUS, available for GNU emacs (I don't have Xemacs
> > though some day I'll look into that option, I'm not there yet with my
> > ssh setup) and they both understand Maildir.
> IMHO VM does NOT understand maildir.
> Why do you think it does?
> You could also take a look at Wonderlust
> but IMHO Gnus
> is the right thing.
> Robert.

Hello Robert/others...

Perhaps you saw my earlier reply regarding why it appeared that VM can
handle Maildir ( but
that might have been a mis-reading of that page and I have moved on to
exploring more promising leads. Mew is starting to get complicated so
I am looking into gnus, which you recommended, in parallel..

To try to minimize the learning curve I found

"Q4.11 Using Gnus for mail and never news"

and put the

(setq gnus-select-method '(nnml ""))
(setq gnus-secondary-select-methods nil)

in my .emacs but it still asks me for NNTP when I M-x gnus...This is a
dumb question I'm sure but I don't know what it wants..and I'd almost
rather not know..I want to ignore nntp etc for the time being (I have
vague ancient memories from 15 years ago about "rn" and "nn" etc using
that..haven't been using those in 15 years..I don't want to learn that
until my mail is working, see below)

Second, I don't know what exactly procmail does on the system I am a
user of ( but they do have procmail. Does that mean I
have to follow the directions on "Procmail and Gnus"? Because they
indicate at "Procmail and Gnus"
( "And then I have
procmail deliver to ~/.incoming/inbox.spool" which appears to be
"mbox" format rather than "Maildir" format. My question: Is that true?

Because, that would be a problem, since indicates I
*must* switch to maildir format from mbox (that is exactly why I am
moving away from rmail!) in order to have their built-in anti-spam
software work for me..

That is the most important question (in a negative sort of way..) iff
the answer
is that I must move away from Maildir format to use gnus for's
NOT enough that gnus can convert from maildir to
already used procmail to do that for me...the issue is I must keep mail
in Maildir format in order to use's built-in
as I said their rules make it very dangerous for me to try to install a
local copy
of anti-spam on my shell..)

Hope the above questions are reasonably clear. Many thanks,
Assuming the above two are not problems, third and last question is,
is there a short simple, easy to follow guide on "how to use Gnus for
just email? I don't see one at and I haven't used
emacs' "info" (which I suspect has a section for this) in a good
decade or so,  so is there a short html page? (also html is easily
printable..I cannot easily print what I see in my emacs...again, I'm
just using a plain text terminal program to ssh into a shell from
which I run the command 'emacs'...) Thanks!


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