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Re: duplicated mail

From: Cristian Gutierrez
Subject: Re: duplicated mail
Date: Fri, 19 Nov 2004 16:21:33 -0300
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Hoy en la ma~nana, address@hidden dijo:
> Kamen TOMOV writes:
>>> (setq nnmail-treat-duplicates 'delete)
>> Thanks. I guess that will work with the new mail that would
>> arrive. What about my current mail?
> What was the former value of `nnmail-treat-duplicates' ?  Default
> value is 'warn and it inserts an extra-header in your mail.
> Go in your group, select duplicates with / x [the extra header] and
> delete them manually.

Nice to know this. If of any use, you can try opening your
mailbox/folder with (heresy! :-) Mutt and delete duplicates with
D~=<ENTER> (<ENTER> is RET) and then $ to sync back.

I don't know if that causes any problem with Gnus (not so far in my
case, but then I use nnimap), but I would at least close the mailbox in
Gnus before opening it with Mutt.

Cristian Gutierrez            
address@hidden                        Jabber:address@hidden

With Linux, you don't need Windows or Gates!
-- Yehuda Mann,

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