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RE: CVS Server and 'Shopping lists'

From: Bulgrien, Kevin
Subject: RE: CVS Server and 'Shopping lists'
Date: Fri, 19 May 2006 13:56:53 -0500

Tags are shopping lists that specify versions of individual modules
when combined with the module definitions supported by CVS.  Modules
need not be a name of a given file or directory, but is instead may
be a name that specifies a conglomeration of various files and
directories that make a useful view of a part of the repository.

See the CVSROOT/modules file format for where -d, -a and & are

# top-level source directories
product/blah product/blah
platform/blah platform/blah
resource/blah resource/blah
resource/blah resource/blag
resource/blah resource/blaf

# "shopping-list" modules
blah-platform -d . &platform/blah
blah-product -d . &product/blah
blah-resource -d . &resource/blah &resource/blag &resource/blaf
blah -a blah-platform blah-product blah-resource

To get a sort of shopping list of things, do something like:

  cvs -d somepath checkout blah

blah is not a real module, but it is instead a list of items in
CVS.  Surely using this in combination with tags will get you
what you need?

The server cannot do additional checkouts for your client.  You
could have a front-end for your client that could do what you want,
but it would not be server-side.  The front-end could be a set of
scripts, but it would not be transparent to the user.

Kevin R. Bulgrien

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