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CVS Server and 'Shopping lists'

From: Jean-Claude Gervais
Subject: CVS Server and 'Shopping lists'
Date: Thu, 18 May 2006 14:28:06 -0400

Is it possible for the CVS server to send you additional modules when
you request a specific module? I know this sounds like the
CVSROOT/modules file, but it is different.
The way I would want it to work is like this:
I checkout module A
Inside module A's files, there is a file called SHOPPINGLIST
When the CVS server sees that, it reads it.
The file contains a bunch of lines like this:
        modulename version
        modulename version
So by requestion ONE module at a specific revision (or not at a specific
revision), it causes CVS to retrieve a list of other modules which may
themselves be at different revisions (according to the shoppinglist
Is it possible?
Would I have to write scripts or somesuch to get it to work? 
What would I need to do?
The only caveat is that the processing must be done by the SERVER, not
the client (unless there is a totally transparent way for the client to
achieve the same result)
Thank you!

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