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Re: Linux cvs pserve

From: ankush grover
Subject: Re: Linux cvs pserve
Date: Sat, 29 Oct 2005 12:30:07 +0530

As you did not mentioned the which distribution of Linux you are using (ex Red Hat,Debian etc.)
Read this page for setting up cvs on linux
change the settings as per the distribution you are using.
Ankush Grover

On 10/28/05, userme <address@hidden> wrote:
Hi there
I am trying to install cvs server on Linux server. I have 2 Windows clients
which are going to use the cvs server as a repository. These 2 clients using
Eclipse to develop java project. I installed cvs on Linux using this command
>yum install cvs
I am trying to use cvs pserver.. so I tried this command

>cvs pserver

But nothing happen and the promote did not come back...
What are the steps I should follow to setup CVS server on Linux (I have told
it is better to use pserver). I tried different online
tutorials/institutions but I really did not get it right. Any help would be
very much appreciated.

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