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Re: How to replace Branch B with Branch A

From: Jim Hyslop
Subject: Re: How to replace Branch B with Branch A
Date: Fri, 28 Oct 2005 22:32:14 -0400
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Mallikarjun Shirashyad wrote:
> If there are new folders added in Branch A, that is not getting added
> on Branch B. Any ideas?

I just tried it without any problems. What version of CVS are you using
(use 'cvs version' to indicate both the client and server versions).

Note that directories are not version controlled - as soon as you add
the directory, it is available.

Here is the sequence of commands I used to test it (start with a valid,
checked out CVS workspace):

mkdir test_branch_move
cvs add test_branch_move
cd test_branch_move
cvs up -A
echo This is a test>testfile.txt
cvs add testfile.txt
cvs ci -m "This is added on the trunk"
cvs tag -b branchA
echo Some changes>>testfile.txt
cvs ci -m "Some changes on the trunk" testfile.txt
cvs tag -b branchB
cvs up -r branchA
mkdir asubdir
cvs add asubdir
cd asubdir
echo A file in the subdir>subdirfile.txt
cvs add subdirfile.txt
cvs ci -m "Subdirectory added on the branch A"
cd ..
cvs up -r branchB
cvs up -j branchB -j branchA
cat asubdir/subdirfile.txt

The last command printed "A file in the subdir", as expected.

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