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RE: tag doesn't always tag

From: Jacob Weber
Subject: RE: tag doesn't always tag
Date: Wed, 26 Oct 2005 14:25:41 -0400

>  Well, this says to me that for some reason, the tag has not been applied
>the dead revisions of the files.

>  How are you applying the tag?  What commands are you using to make the
>directory empty?  If you've properly "cvs rm"d the files, they should have
>been tagged as dead revisions.  Can you show me the exact command sequence
>that causes this problem?  When you try "cvs log" on one of the removed
>does it show the tag?

In this case, the files haven't been created yet. So there are no dead
revisions; there are really no files to tag. I just want it to recognize
that I have applied the tag somewhere, so that I can use rdiff with that

>  Hey!  I think I may have stumbled across just what you're looking for, in
>the 'Common command options' section of the manual - take a look at this:

Actually, -f does the opposite. If it doesn't find the tag, it acts like the
tag exists on the latest version of the files. What I want (and what it does
without -f) is to treat files without the tag as if they didn't exist when
that tag was applied.

>     Note that even with `-f', a tag that you specify must exist (that
>     is, in some file, not necessary in every file).  This is so that
>     CVS will continue to give an error if you mistype a tag name.

The way it finds this out is by looking in val-tags. So if it never stored
the tag name there, I can't do rdiff -f.


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