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RE: tag doesn't always tag

From: Jacob Weber
Subject: RE: tag doesn't always tag
Date: Wed, 26 Oct 2005 12:55:13 -0400


>> My main concern is comparing against a tagged version of the directory;
>  There is no such thing as a version of a directory in CVS.  There is no
>such thing as a tagged version of a directory in CVS.  There are versions
>files, and tagged versions of files.  I am finding it hard to grok exactly
>what you're trying to do, I think we're having terminology problems here.

I'm trying to compare the current contents of a directory to its contents
when I tagged it.  Some files may have been added, some files may have been
deleted, and some may have changed.

Now, notwithstanding your point about CVS not knowing about versions of a
directory, it IS usually able to do what I'm asking. If I do "rdiff -s -r
tag1 -r HEAD module/dir", it gives me a nice little report, e.g.
  File test/file1 is removed; tag1 revision 1.1
  File test/file1 is new; HEAD revision 1.2

Since it doesn't know about versions of a directory, it's probably looking
at the union of files from tag1 and HEAD in that directory, and diffing them
against each other. In that way it's able to compare the entire directory.

This seems to work in every case, as long as tag1 is in the val-tags file.
But this won't happen if the directory is empty when I try to tag its

Hope that makes sense. Thanks for your help,

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