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RE: Getting only directory not files

From: Jacob Weber
Subject: RE: Getting only directory not files
Date: Fri, 21 Oct 2005 14:52:32 -0400

That dosn't seem to work. If I don't have basedir or directory1, it tells me:
    cvs [update aborted]: no such directory `basedir'
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Sent: Friday, October 21, 2005 2:21 PM
To: Ben Hagenberger
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Subject: Re: Getting only directory not files

Another idea is to apply a tag only to the files you want in the migration package and do a cvs co -rMIG_TAG modulename.  This will only pull down the tagged files (unless you use -f; f=force head revision if tag does not exist on file)

cvs rtag -r <rev/tag> MIG_TAG modulename\basedir\directory1\file1
cvs rtag -r <rev/tag> MIG_TAG modulename\basedir\directory2\file2
cvs co -r MIG_REV modulename\basedir\directory1 modulename\basedir\directory2

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