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Getting only directory not files

From: Ben Hagenberger
Subject: Getting only directory not files
Date: 21 Oct 2005 09:58:38 -0700
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I need to know how to grab a directory from cvs without getting the
We have a code migration utility that needs to get cvs updates but only
get the files that are specified in the migration package. For example,
if the migration package speciefies the file as
modulename\basedir\directory1\file1 then it needs to obly extract file1
into directory1. We have everything working where we change down to
directory1 and do a 'cvs update file1'. We are having a problem when a
file is specified in a new directory, for example

If I go ahead and create directory2, then a 'cvs update' then it fails
because there are not CVS ENTITY files in that directory. If I do a
'cvs update -dl directory2' then it creates directory2 and updates all
files in that directory.
Any ideas on how I can create the directory and only the files that I

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