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Re: Confusion regarding pserver to extssh switch.

From: Mark D. Baushke
Subject: Re: Confusion regarding pserver to extssh switch.
Date: Tue, 04 Oct 2005 14:28:02 -0700

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Shaun T. Erickson <address@hidden> writes:

> I should start by saying that before today, I'd never used, much less set
> up, a cvs server. I now have one that seems to work just fine, using
> pserver. I was able to import a project, add files and directories to it,
> view the log and history, and so on. So far, so good. Users do not surrently
> have accounts on this server, so the password file for pserver is configured
> to have all user sessions run as cvs.
> I don't want the user's passwords, or our files, to cross the wire in the
> clear. All my users access our current respository (on another system, which
> will be going away soon) with Eclipse, via extssh. I'm guessing using this
> mechanism will allow for the files and passwords to not go in the clear.
> I understand that I will need to create an account on the server, for each
> user, and verify that they can ssh to their account on it. That's not a big
> deal. But if I then tell them to connect via extssh, does that bypass
> pserver and its forcing the sessions to run as cvs? I don't understand the
> interactions, if any, between the two access methods, and if there is no
> interaction, how do I do the same, with extssh, as I do with pserver, with
> the only difference being that everything no longer goes in the clear?

:pserver: is a completely separate execution path from using :ext: (or

For :ext:, the user needs their own account and they will be running
commands from their clients like:

   ssh cvs-server-machine.your.domain cvs server

in order to start a 'cvs' command on your server machine with the
'server' argument.

        -- Mark
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