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Confusion regarding pserver to extssh switch.

From: Shaun T. Erickson
Subject: Confusion regarding pserver to extssh switch.
Date: Tue, 4 Oct 2005 16:56:47 -0400

I should start by saying that before today, I'd never used, much less set up, a cvs server. I now have one that seems to work just fine, using pserver. I was able to import a project, add files and directories to it, view the log and history, and so on. So far, so good. Users do not surrently have accounts on this server, so the password file for pserver is configured to have all user sessions run as cvs.

I don't want the user's passwords, or our files, to cross the wire in the clear. All my users access our current respository (on another system, which will be going away soon) with Eclipse, via extssh. I'm guessing using this mechanism will allow for the files and passwords to not go in the clear.

I understand that I will need to create an account on the server, for each user, and verify that they can ssh to their account on it. That's not a big deal. But if I then tell them to connect via extssh, does that bypass pserver and its forcing the sessions to run as cvs? I don't understand the interactions, if any, between the two access methods, and if there is no interaction, how do I do the same, with extssh, as I do with pserver, with the only difference being that everything no longer goes in the clear?

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