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Re: corrupt cvs repo

From: Jon Ringle
Subject: Re: corrupt cvs repo
Date: Mon, 03 Oct 2005 14:56:32 -0400
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On Monday 03 October 2005 02:01 pm, Jim Hyslop wrote:
> Jon Ringle wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > I have a cvs repository that we use without any apparent issue. I was
> > trying to do some evaluation of other SCMs out there (subversion and
> > git), and I had problems trying to use their cvs import utilities on my
> > cvs repo. They complained about corruption.
> >
> > So, I tried running the validate-repo script on my cvs repo, and I was a
> > bit dismayed to find that it reported the following:
> >
> > Total Files: 57514  Corrupted files: 57484  Invalid revs: 0  Extra files:
> > 6 Ignored Files: 24
> >
> > What baffles me is that we use this cvs repository every day without
> > noticing any problems.
> >
> > I am soliciting any advice regarding this. Do I really have a problem?
> > How can I find out more about what the corruption is?
> Is your server CVS or CVSNT?

CVS running on a linux box.

> It's possible that the corruption may be, for example, a bad log message
> in an ancient revision of the file. I'm just guessing, though.
> Try using the --verbose option to validate-repo and see if that helps
> shed some light on it.

The --verbose did help some. I copied the cvs repository to another machine 
for experimentation, and the CVSROOT/config had a LockDir=/var/lock/cvs line 
in it. --verbose complained about the lack of this loudly, so I created it. 
Now the error that I get is this:

Verbose Mode Turned On
Processing: /home/ringlej/junk/cvsroot
Examining `.lib/zlib-1.1.3/,v'
Couldn't read date/author/state for revision 1.1
of .lib/zlib-1.1.3/ from `cvs rlog'.
line = date: 2001-11-08 13:44:50 -0500;  author: freddy;  state: Exp;


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