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Re: corrupt cvs repo

From: Jon Ringle
Subject: Re: corrupt cvs repo
Date: Mon, 03 Oct 2005 17:14:20 -0400
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On Monday 03 October 2005 04:53 pm, Larry Jones wrote:
> Jon Ringle writes:
> > An examination of .lib/zlib-1.1.3/,v (attached) reveals that
> > this line is correctly formatted as you point out. It appears that the
> > validate-repo script is not dumping the line verbatim, and is
> > transforming the date.
> Sorry, I forgot how validate_repo works -- it parses the output from
> ``cvs log'', it doesn't parse the RCS file directly.  It appears that
> validate_repo was never updated to handle the new log output format that
> includes timezone information.  Please apply the following patch to
> and then run make to remake validate_repo.


Now I'm getting somewhere with regards to the actual corruption I have in my 
repo. It appears that I have several (3124) files... that have invalid revs; 
things like rev or .1 or 0.12 for instance.

Is there a recommended course of action to repair?


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