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Re: How do I upgrade to CVS 1.12.4

From: Michal Goralczyk
Subject: Re: How do I upgrade to CVS 1.12.4
Date: Mon, 15 Dec 2003 11:29:52 +0100
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Kayed Alfi wrote:
How do I upgrade to CVS 1.12.4 if I am using WinCVS
1.3 on win2K.  After I download the *.bz or *.rpm as
there are no *.zip file, what do I do?

For .bz, use bzip to extract sources and compile it. For rpm just install it on your linux box.

Note that you don't need to install new version of CVS on your client machine (win2k)! It has more sense to install it on server side.

If you really want to install cvs for WinCVS, download compiled version for Win32, and replace cvs.exe in WinCVS directory -- but I don't see any reason for doing that.

Michal Goralczyk

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