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RE: Stopping a modified file from being checked in

From: Gagneet Singh
Subject: RE: Stopping a modified file from being checked in
Date: Sat, 13 Dec 2003 15:07:26 +0530


Why don't you just copy the file to another folder and make the CVS
files uneditable. Then, when you copy the same to the CVS folder, it
will be commitable and you can continue working on the local copy
without any fear of making a wrong commit.


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> Subject: Stopping a modified file from being checked in
> I would like to make some changes to a file in my working 
> copy, but definitely not check them in.  Of course I wouldn't 
> deliberately run 'cvs commit', and I normally read through 
> diffs before checking in a change, but still I'm paranoid 
> that I might run 'cvs commit' in a parent directory and 
> accidentally check in my local changes.
> I'd like to mark the file so that it will not be committed.  
> I could do this by setting a sticky tag, but then 'cvs 
> update' will not merge changes into this file.  Is there a 
> way I can mark a file to be updated _from_ the repository, 
> but not (until I deliberately unmark
> it) to be committed _to_ the repository?
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