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Stopping a modified file from being checked in

From: Ed Avis
Subject: Stopping a modified file from being checked in
Date: 12 Dec 2003 21:08:55 +0000

I would like to make some changes to a file in my working copy, but
definitely not check them in.  Of course I wouldn't deliberately run
'cvs commit', and I normally read through diffs before checking in a
change, but still I'm paranoid that I might run 'cvs commit' in a
parent directory and accidentally check in my local changes.

I'd like to mark the file so that it will not be committed.  I could
do this by setting a sticky tag, but then 'cvs update' will not merge
changes into this file.  Is there a way I can mark a file to be
updated _from_ the repository, but not (until I deliberately unmark
it) to be committed _to_ the repository?

Ed Avis <address@hidden>

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