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Re: How to manage oracle custom.pll libraries

From: Andy Jones
Subject: Re: How to manage oracle custom.pll libraries
Date: Mon, 08 Dec 2003 16:33:57 +0000

I think it's going to depend on who has the ability to modify these files. If the files are only modified in DEV, then as I see it you don't need branches.

The way I would organise things would be to have DEV, TEST, INT TEST, PREPROD and PROD checkout areas each with the version of the code they were ready for (have a look for "sticky tags" in the CVS manual).

So custom.pll (and all the other files) would be checked in by the developer, updated into DEV (cvs update), and then as your test cycle progresses it would be updated into each area in turn until it reached PROD. But meanwhile developers could modify custom.pll as they wished without effecting anything else.

You might indeed want to tag files that were ready to move between areas - your call.

You only need branches if you need to do development work on more than one version of the program at once. For example, it is normal to start a branch after a release so that the developers can make quick fixes against the released code, rather than the code they are adding new features to.

Andy Jones
Tapestry Software.

At 04:02 pm 8/12/03, Tom Marsh wrote:
Dear list:

Since I got no response, I'll try a more detailed explanation. We're
using CVS on a large oracle development project. We're using revision
number as the 'tag' (I hope my terminology is correct) to indicate the
versions to promote up the development chain, I.E. DEV => TEST => INT
TEST => PREPROD => PROD. This is working fine for groups of files that
have to be promoted together.

The problem however, comes in with an Oracle application library
called "custom.pll". custom.pll is a binary file, but it can be built
from source. It is a library that _everybody_ wants to modify with
references to thier enhancements. The library contains pl/sql
procedures and routines. Everybody's enhancements are on a different
timeline, so that enhancement A, B, and C might be in DEV, A and C in
TEST, and only C is is in INT TEST. In reading the documentation, I
think the solution might be with branches, but I'm not sure.

Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance, Tom

> info-cvs:
> Does anyone have any experience or procedures for managing oracle
> application custom.pll libraries with cvs? If no one knows what I'm
> talking about, I'll resend with a description of what seems to be
> challenging problem.
> Thanks, Tom

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