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Re: Cannot remove Branch

From: Mark D. Baushke
Subject: Re: Cannot remove Branch
Date: Sun, 09 Nov 2003 08:10:12 -0800

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Gagneet Singh <address@hidden> writes:

> I am facing a problem while trying to remove a branch I had created. I
> know it is not advisable, but I have not made any changes on that branch
> and nor have I committed or updated to that branch as yet.
> The problem I am getting is:
> cvs rtag -b -d ACME_Branch source 
> cvs rtag: Untagging source
> cvs rtag: Not removing branch tag `ACME_Branch' from
> `/cvs/source/project1.dsp,v'.
> Where ACME_Branch is the name I have created for the branch and source
> is the module name in the repository.
> I am using cvs version 1.11.7 and WinCVS version 1.3.10b.
> Am I using the wrong command or do I have to remove the branch from the
> server?

The option for cvs 1.11.7 is an uppercase -B, not a lowercase -b. See

The -B switch (as opposed to the -b switch) was introduced by cvs
version 1.11.2 from the site, so it may indeed be necessary
for you to go to the server to delete that tag or for you to use a
cvs.exe based on cvs version 1.11.2 (or newer) from the
sources such as the one available here:

As I understand it, this problem was fixed in [bug 22] on the CvsNT
site and any version of CvsNT with tag.c version 1.16 which would be
CVSNT_1_11_1_3_70 or newer has this support.

You may wish to upgrade to CVSNT 2.0.11 on your client machines.
You may fetch it from the web site Here:

be advised that I am not a Windows user and I have never used CvsNT, so
in your situation it may not be wise to upgrade...

        Good luck,
        -- Mark
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