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RE: Turning modules into repositories

From: Shankar Unni
Subject: RE: Turning modules into repositories
Date: Wed, 12 Mar 2003 08:13:44 -0800

Kyle Adams wrote:

> In my experience, losing history is rarely an option.

You don't have to. 

Copy the CVSROOT and your module root directory to the new repository
location, and in the new location, edit the history file by hand and
delete any lines not pertaining to your module or to CVSROOT. This is a
fairly trivial edit operation (a simple sed will do this, if your
expression is an inclusive one that includes CVSROOT and your module).

After you finish migrating all your modules to their new locations, you
can eventually remove the old repository.

You want to do this in phases: one module at a time (actually, one new
repository location at a time, if you will continue to combine some
modules in their new locations), and the users of that module should
hold off on making any changes during the migration (which should take
maybe 5 minutes, max, once you practice with a dry run done somewhere

After the migration, the users can check out from the new location into
a new work area, and then transfer all their files *EXCEPT THE CVS
DIRECTORIES* to the newly checked out work area. I.e. use "find ...
-name CVS -prune ... | cpio -pduvm /new/work/area" to copy the files.

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