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Re: Turning modules into repositories

From: Dusan Juhas
Subject: Re: Turning modules into repositories
Date: Wed, 12 Mar 2003 13:58:57 +0100 (CET)

> we host a cvs server that uses only one big repository. Different projekts
> are handled as different modules inside this repository. Now we would like to
> open a new cvs server with several repositories. Is is possible to just copy
> the modules from their old position (as part of the big repository) to their
> new positions so that each module will be a repository of its own?
> Can this be done by simply copying the module on the server or is it better
> to check out the modules and import them into their new repositories? Are
> there any traps that have to be regarded extra carefully?

The simplest way IMO is to export all desired modules and import them
to the appropriate repositories. (use `cvs export' rather then `cvs co'
to avoid creation of CVS auxiliary dirs&files)
Nevertheless, this approach can be used only if you don't care about
If you have to keep the history of modules you can copy the whole content
of current repository to several places and invoke standard removal.
If you just copy the module you lose administrative info which is held

Best regards,
Dusan Juhas

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