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Pruning empty directories from the cvsweb display

From: Myhre, Julie
Subject: Pruning empty directories from the cvsweb display
Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2003 15:02:06 -0800

My group uses CVSWeb  on a Linux box for viewing the status and contents of the cvs repository….much easier to get a handle on it than using ls. All our checking out,etc. is done an the command line.

I understand that if you delete all the files from a directory and use the -p option on the update, that will delete the directory from your working directory set.  But in the CVSWeb repository view, is there any way to indicate that this directory has been deleted?    I guess it can't really go away because of maintaining history, so the web view wouldn't stop displaying the directory name - but can that name be flagged in some way to indicate that it is a directory that has been deleted?

Julie Myhre

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