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RE: loginfo log messages

From: Grisinger, Daniel (MAN-Golden)
Subject: RE: loginfo log messages
Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2003 18:04:12 -0500

Larry Jones <address@hidden> writes:

> "Grisinger, Daniel (MAN-Golden)" writes:
> > 
> >   my $log_msg;
> >   my $infh = IO::File -> new('< -');  # open a filehandle to STDIN
> >   for ($infh -> getlines) {
> >     $log_msg .= $_;
> >   }
> I think you've confused info-cvs with a perl list.

Well, no, I haven't.  The perl is correct, it simply reads from STDIN. The
problem is unquestionably a cvs issue.  But since that's the attitude here's
shell code that also doesn't work.

  #  test cvs loginfo system

  cat < /dev/stdin >> /home/cvsuser/logtest

after running a commit there is no data added to logtest.

Here's the python code that also fails:


  import sys

  while line:


when redirected to the logtest file nothing ever shows up.

if you'd like i can also send the c, c++, and java code that fail to find
anything on STDIN when invoked from loginfo, or you can just tell me whether
or not i'm doing something wrong.



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