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Re: Database file checkin

From: Daniel Hurtubise
Subject: Re: Database file checkin
Date: Mon, 10 Mar 2003 12:07:38 -0600
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Hi. The replies I received to date have been very helpful, thanks.
I have a follow up question.

What do people typically do with stored procedures?

Or rephrased, do you save the stored procedures to a file and then check it
into CVS, or do you simply do a backup as I described in my previous email?

Basically, I'm hunting for best practice, having no previous experience in
this area.

Thanks in advance for your valued wisdom.

On 3/10/03 11:21, "Sherzod Ruzmetov" <address@hidden> wrote:

>   : Has anybody checked in a database backup into CVS? I know
>   : this may sound
>   : odd, but I was thinking of taking a snapshot of my SQL
>   : Server database in a
>   : empty data state and then checking it into CVS.
> I do a similar thing, but I keep ONLY table schemas, since I never
> felt need to Version-Control the whole database. But if you
> have a reason for doing so, and if you think CVS can help you
> with it, give it a shot, and let the list know.
>   : Will there be any issues with checking that backup out of
>   : CVS and restoring
>   : a new database from it?
> No, there will not be, as long as your database backup is a text/plain
> file (similar to the output of "mysqldump" utility), which makes more
> sense.
> sherzod

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