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Re: Database file checkin - Summary

From: Daniel Hurtubise
Subject: Re: Database file checkin - Summary
Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2003 09:16:44 -0600
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Hi all,

After reading many replies I have concluded that the best thing to do, in my
humble opinion, is to create a .sql script that can build the database
schema from scratch as well as create all the stored procedures. Then I can
take this script and check it into CVS.

Next, any modifications to stored procedures and table definitions (ie.
Modify stored procedure or modify table) will be saved as sql statements and
stored in CVS (possibly as a patch). At the same time, the "master" creation
script will be modified and committed to CVS.

This will permit me to keep my DB architecture in sync with my web
application for new installs and it will also permit me to keep my existing
sites up to date.

This way, I'm keeping only text format in CVS and I have full control over
the database structure. Technically, if I had to, I could backup a database,
rebuild it from scratch using the master creation script and then restore
the database.

On 3/10/03 23:46, "Gurpreet Singh (SCM)" <address@hidden> wrote:

> Hi 
> well, for SQL server - the way (safe) is to be besides the normal way (.BAK
> / .DAT) of the DB itself is to export the SP's or other Data objects of a DB
> as a simple sql / txt format -  The best method to then checkin to a CVS
> repository. 
> Regards
> Gurpreet S
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Daniel Hurtubise [mailto:address@hidden
> Sent: Monday, March 10, 2003 11:38 PM
> To: Sherzod Ruzmetov; 'CVS-II Discussion Mailing List'
> Subject: Re: Database file checkin
> Hi. The replies I received to date have been very helpful, thanks.
> I have a follow up question.
> What do people typically do with stored procedures?
> Or rephrased, do you save the stored procedures to a file and then check it
> into CVS, or do you simply do a backup as I described in my previous email?
> Basically, I'm hunting for best practice, having no previous experience in
> this area.
> Thanks in advance for your valued wisdom.
> Daniel.
> On 3/10/03 11:21, "Sherzod Ruzmetov" <address@hidden> wrote:
>>   : Has anybody checked in a database backup into CVS? I know
>>   : this may sound
>>   : odd, but I was thinking of taking a snapshot of my SQL
>>   : Server database in a
>>   : empty data state and then checking it into CVS.
>> I do a similar thing, but I keep ONLY table schemas, since I never
>> felt need to Version-Control the whole database. But if you
>> have a reason for doing so, and if you think CVS can help you
>> with it, give it a shot, and let the list know.
>>   : Will there be any issues with checking that backup out of
>>   : CVS and restoring
>>   : a new database from it?
>> No, there will not be, as long as your database backup is a text/plain
>> file (similar to the output of "mysqldump" utility), which makes more
>> sense.
>> sherzod
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