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Creating a new repository from existing project

From: Hew Fen Phin
Subject: Creating a new repository from existing project
Date: Tue, 31 Dec 2002 08:56:54 +0800
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Hi, can someone please advise me how to import an existing project which has a few different versions into cvs. Here's the situation, the company has been developing this particular software without using any cvs, now they are hoping to implement it. We're hoping to achieve this by importing all different versions of the software into the main trunk. Here's my concern, let say there's a version one and a version two, if I import version one followed by version two, will cvs be able to notice the difference between the two sets of files (although version two is based on version one, cvs does not have a previous record of that) and incrementally include version two instead of overwriting what was in version one. We are, in a sense, trying to manually recreating the whole project history in cvs (including branches etc.), is this possible ? Thanks for your help.

Software Engineer
Xybase MSc

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