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New version of the CVS permissions patch - with new features!

From: Corey Minyard
Subject: New version of the CVS permissions patch - with new features!
Date: Mon, 30 Dec 2002 16:38:37 -0600
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I have an old patch that I have not updated for a while, and I had some time over the holidays, so I worked on it to update it to the newest version (cvs-1.11.4). Hopefully there won't be any new versions any time soon, unlike the past few days :-).

This patch also add per-file and per-branch permissions, which have been a high-demand feature.

The readme for this patch is attached. You can get the patch at

Note that this hasn't seen much testing, so use it with care until you have fully verified it.


This directory contains a large number of updates to CVS to make
things much nicer to use for a large multi-user development
environment.  These changes are:

* Support for "sserver", a pserver over ssl.

* Support for permissions for directories and files.  User's can only
  perform the operations that are allowed for their permissions.
  Directory and file permissions are supported, and permissions may be
  granted on specific branches.  This only works with pserver and

* The ability to add users, delete users, and change passwords over
  the interface.

* Support for admin accounts, that have absolute control over the

* The ability to specify a base directory for the repository on the
  server command line.  This way, the admin can change the location of
  the CVS repository on the server without having to have all the user
  re-checkout their repositories.  Plus, it shortens what the user has
  to specify in their root.  For instance, if your repository is in
  /usr/local/cvs/cvsroot, you could add "-D /usr/local/cvs" to the
  server command line and the users would only have to do user
  ":sserver:address@hidden:/cvsroot" as their root.  The admin could move
  the repository to /home/cvs/cvsroot, they could only have to change
  the server's base directory, the user's wouldn't have to change

These are all documented in the CVS documentation, see that for more
details on how to use these features.

If you use earlier versions of the permissions (1.11.1p1 and earlier)
there are significant changes.  Notibly:

* Per-file permissions are supported.

* Per-branch permissions are supported.

* Users can have empty permissions (no access).  Specifying empty
  permissions will no longer remove the permissions.  Use the -d
  option of "cvs chacl" to remove permissions.

* The "BLOCKPROP" user is not supported anymore because it was rather
  unnatural.  Use empty permissions to block access.

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