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Re: a list of changed files

From: Dusan Juhas
Subject: Re: a list of changed files
Date: Wed, 18 Dec 2002 10:36:28 +0100 (CET)

Hello Larry,

>> could you tell me how could I obtain a list of all files which were
>> changed during a certain period limited by revisions/dates?
>> These files should be only from a specified module (including theirs path
>> from $CVSROOT).
>> Is it possible to do it without checkout?
>You should be able to get what you want  from "cvs rlog -S".

Unfortunatelly, this seems not to be the clue.
There is no such option for rlog in version 1.11.1p1 (which I use).

# cvs rlog -S
rlog: invalid option -- S

Well, I can upgrade if it helps.
If you meant cvs rlog -s, it is still not what I need, because
states of files are to be applied (IMHO) on working copy of files.

I imagine st. like this:
cvs my_cmd -D mydate1 mydate2 mymodule

and it should generate a list of files which were changed
between mydate1 and mydate2 in mymodule

If it is possible only in a newer version than 1.11.1p1, I can upgrade.
If there is no such feature within cvs itself it would be grateful
to know about a script which can do it. Otherwise, I should write
such a script.

Best regards,
Dusan Juhas

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