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Re: Where is diff getting its path?

From: Mike Ayers
Subject: Re: Where is diff getting its path?
Date: Tue, 17 Dec 2002 22:38:56 -0800
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Mark Scoville wrote:
Good point. Initially I could only get WinCvs to work. I checked in several
files, and now that I have the CLI working, I would like to commit changes
that I have recently made. However, the LF problem haunts me. If I do a CLI
diff on the file now, every single line is considered different. I think
that if I were to check it in using WinCvs that may not be the case -
although now that I think of it, if I get WinCvs to think LF like the CLI, I
will likely have the same problem. Sigh!

You will suffer and suffer. Then you'll suffer some more. Eventually, driven to madness by frustration, you will punt either WinCVS or Cygwin CVS and swear to use one and only one line end convention. Then, sadder but wiser, with no more line ending problems to haunt you, you will find some other inadvisable course to chart, and your life will remain interesting.

        That's how it went for me, anyway...


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