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Re: update -l -r brnch dir doesn't seem to do anything

From: Mike Ayers
Subject: Re: update -l -r brnch dir doesn't seem to do anything
Date: Mon, 09 Dec 2002 10:03:37 -0800
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I've used CVS for a bit over 24 hours, having used ClearCase for the past 16
years, and I am trying to get a handle on how NOT to get a whole directory
dumped into my work area.

We have a directory with approximately 1,500 source files in it.  (No unfortunat
ely, I can't make a smaller  directory, since this is only one of 475 directorie
s I have to worry about).  I have figured out that I can start with an empty
work area and say
$ cvs update -r brnch bmf/foo.x
and just get one file moved into the directory. But, if I start with an empty
work area and I want to create a new file in the big directory, I can't get CVS
to give me an empty place to work.  (At least the cvs add command refuses to
work in anything other than a work directory blessed by CVS).  I figured out
that I can do an mkdir and cvs add, and cvs correctly notices that the new
directory is redundant, but shouldn't "update -l -r brnch dir" work too?  -CTH

You understand the problem correctly. To get your directory "blessed", just check out a single file in it - use `cvs update -r brnch bmf/foo.x`, then delete foo.x, make your file (in the bmf directory), and check it in. While updating foo.x, CVS should create all the CVS/* files it needs to do the add.


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