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Binary update and merge problem

From: Walter Ghijsen
Subject: Binary update and merge problem
Date: Fri, 6 Dec 2002 09:29:37 -0800


I'm running into problems with merging binary files from one branch 
into another. 

Our developers check in their code into the main_dev branch. 
CM (Configuration Management) does the equivalent of the following 
every night: 

1. cvs checkout .
   This simply checks everything out from the trunk into a new 

2. cvs -q update -d -kk -j main_devToMainMerge -j main_dev
   This merges everthing from the developer branch into the trunk, 
   using a special tag to identify the ancestor. 

This works without any problems for textual files, but I always 
seem to obtain the original revision (1.1) for the binary file. 

The -kk option is used to avoid expansion for text files. However, 
this seems to aggrivate the binary file. After step 1 is executed, 
I have the correct file (version 1.2), and cvs status shows -kb as 
the sticky option of my binary file. After the second step is executed,
I get the wrong revision (1.1) and the sticky option is -kk. The 
revision shown by cvs status is 1.2 however, and cvs diff shows no 
differences with 1.2. 

Does anyone have any suggestions?



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