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RE: Bug tracking.

From: Wayne Johnson
Subject: RE: Bug tracking.
Date: Mon, 9 Dec 2002 10:50:24 -0800 (PST)

I had tried once to set up a system where a number was saved withing a
CVS file, the commit would check out the file, add a BUG ID and
description and check it back in.  

I had it working pretty well but got sidetracked never got back to it.

Maybe this would solve your problem.

--- "Zieg, Mark" <address@hidden> wrote:
> > Yes, but what I would like is a uniqe commit number, whatever it may
> be,
> 578
> > for instance applied to all the files involved in that single commit.
> It should be pretty easy to write a wrapper script around "cvs commit"
> that
> does this for you, if it's really what you want:
> The only trick would be to generate a system-wide unique ID with each
> script
> call.  This can be done either by rsh/ssh'ing some command on the CVS
> server, which can thus have a locking program that issues unique
> serialIDs
> (ie, "commit_578"), or use an algorithm which can generate unique IDs
> by
> including the clients hostname or MAC address or something (ie,
> "commit_bob_578").  If you already have a bug-tracking system, then you
> probably have a SQL database, which can probably issue you nice new
> timestamped records with an "AUTO_INCREMENT" primary key or something.
> Anyway, there are lots of ways to do this; mail systems which store
> each
> incoming message as a uniquely named file do this all the time.
> Once you've generated the ID, have your script run "cvs commit" with
> using
> the above ID as a tag value.
> Wouldn't that more-or-less do what you want?
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