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Re: Bug tracking.

From: J
Subject: Re: Bug tracking.
Date: Mon, 09 Dec 2002 13:52:50 -0000

> Well, I think you haven't tested what you are saying.  Indeed, there is
I've explain it poorly prehaps.

> So you can gladly go without tags: you just need to have in place an
> alternate method to know that bugfix X is composed by foo.c at revision
> 1.2, bar.h at rev. 1.27 and whee.dat at rev.

Yes, but what I would like is a uniqe commit number, whatever it may be, 578
for instance applied to all the files involved in that single commit.

I commit my changes and cvs says:
Commited change #578

... Then I could say in my bug log:

Fixed memory leak, in commit #587

Then, it would be nice if you could go

cvs diff -r #587 -r #586

and it would say:

changed files:




Still I guess I could just say:

"Fixed memory leak, in version main.c 1.2, fish.c bar.h 1.27  other.c"
But it would be difficult to get the right versions out.

With a commit number you could go:
cvs update -r#586

The answer it to use labels I guess, but I don't really want to label all
the files just for a minor bug fix.

I just thought it would be a useful feature to be able to go back to state
just after a specified commit. You could see exactly what's been done at any
point, without having to label everything first. (this numbering thing is
ofcourse is an implicit labeling system at commit time)

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