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Re: how to checkout a specific file from a Makefile

From: Bram Moolenaar
Subject: Re: how to checkout a specific file from a Makefile
Date: Sat, 13 Jul 2002 14:13:50 +0200

Larry Jones wrote:

Thanks to your help I am getting closer to the solution, but I now
realized I actually wanted more than I asked for...

> > However, if I change the question to checkout "testdir", which obviously
> > is a directory instead of a file, this doesn't seem to work.  Perhaps
> > you have a solution for that as well?  "cvs update testdir" doesn't do
> > anything, not even an error message.
> That's because update doesn't create directories by default -- you have
> to use the -d option.

I tried that, but ran into a new problem:

        cvs update -d dirname

Gets "dirname" and all files inside of it.  But I only want to get one
file: dirname/Makefile.  I tried adding "-l":

        cvs update -d -l dirname

That didn't help, it still obtained all files inside "dirname" (I
actually expected this to work, is this a bug?).

Trying to obtain the specific file directly, with the "-d" option:

        cvs update -d dirname/Makefile

This doesn't work.  If "dirname" doesn't exist I get an error stating
that.  Thus the "-d" option doesn't seem to work here!

If I create "dirname" by hand I get "cannot open CVS/Entries for
reading: No such file or directory".  Apparently the directory really
needs to be created by cvs.

Hopefully you have an answer to this one!

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