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how to checkout a specific file from a Makefile

From: Bram Moolenaar
Subject: how to checkout a specific file from a Makefile
Date: Fri, 12 Jul 2002 20:21:36 +0200

Suppose I checkout a module, but omit the file "testscript".  I can
build and run the module, but not test it.

Later I want to run the tests anyway with "make test".  The Makefile
should then discover the tests haven't been checked out yet, and do this
for me.  I try to put this in the Makefile:

        test: testscript

                cvs checkout testscript

This doesn't work, because this is in a subdirectory of the module and
the actual name is something like "module/foo/bar/testscript".  This
would work:

        cd ../../..
        cvs checkout module/foo/bar/testscript

However, this requires knowning the name of the module and directories.
Isn't there way to checkout "testscript" without having to specify the
whole path in the Makefile (so that maintenance is easier)?
After all, CVS/Repository contains exactly the name I need to use.  I
suppose it's used for the update command, so why can't checkout use it?

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