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detecting files changed since TAG

From: Matthew Nuzum
Subject: detecting files changed since TAG
Date: Thu, 4 Jul 2002 11:41:27 -0400

Thanks to the help of this list, I've devised a system of tagging that
will allow us to do better testing on our web-based application.

In order to make the testing process easier, I need to be able to make a
report of files to be tested and files to not be tested.

I have two simple tags, CLEAN and TEST.  Files that have been edited and
are deemed stable get tagged as TEST, files that have been tested and
pass QC get tagged as CLEAN.

Because I only have one test server at the moment, it has to be shared
among developers and testers.  So I need a report of files to not test.
These are files where the head of the main trunk are not tagged as TEST.
For example, version 1.21 might be tagged as TEST, but the tip is 1.27.
This file is still being worked on and can't be tested.

Also, I don't want to test files that are already tested, so anything
that is marked CLEAN on the head of the main trunk need to be excluded.

So I fired up a test repository and did some fiddling with the history,
status, and log commands.  I'll tell you, for my current needs, they're
a little verbose.

It would be very helpful if I could get the information I need onto a
single line.  Can anyone suggest running reports like these?

In the absence of a working solution, I've also considering having the
server update a report every time a file is checked in.  I haven't tried
anything like this yet, but it may be the most reasonable solution.

Any feedback is appreciated,

Matthew Nuzum

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