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java question?

From: pootle monster
Subject: java question?
Date: Fri, 05 Jul 2002 10:36:49 +0000

This is really a java question not a CVS one

I use CVS for my java tree with each class haveing a public String that is updated for each version.
(This all works fine)

But when I use an application I want to be able to get the version of each of the classes I use. So Ideally I would build up a set of classes used in the application (and the classes that those classes use, etc, etc)
as I did this I would filter for things that start with my class hierarchy.
and I would save the public String of each class that stores the version.
Then heypresto I would have a list of all the classes of mine that are used and their version numbers.

I do know that you can 'tag' an application with a global version number (for the whole application), but I dont want to do this as I have loads of classes and each are being updated individually, which I will want each application to use. Also I dont want to update all the applications that use a util class when that gets updated.

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