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WinCVS and commit commands

From: Kinh Le
Subject: WinCVS and commit commands
Date: 29 Mar 2002 15:42:00 -0800

I am trying to use COMMIT to bring all revision of my module (eshop)
to one number (i.e. 2.1) by using Modify->Commit and set the options
as: Force Commit, Force Revision=2.1 and Force Recurse. The command
only changes the revision on files in current directory of selected
module, NOT in all subfolders.

I can go to a DOS window and do:
   cd d:\working
   cvs -R -f -r 2.1 -m "Set all revision" eshop <- does not work
   cvs -f -R -r 2.1 -m "Set all revision" eshop <- work half way
   cvs -f -r 2.1 -m "Set all revision" -R eshop <- work perfectly

Is this a known bug in WinCVS and in CVS ?
I am using WinCVS Beta 7 (Build 1) release on Widows 2000


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