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Re: RH 7.2

From: Bryon Lape
Subject: Re: RH 7.2
Date: Fri, 29 Mar 2002 23:21:05 GMT

I did a cvs -t and see that it is trying to run rsh on the machine in
question.  This has been disabled.  Is there anyont to get cvs to run a
different (more secure) command?

Larry Jones wrote:

> Bryon Lape writes:
> >
> > When I put xinetd in debug mode, it sees the file and does not complain,
> > but connections to the box from another never get anywhere.  CVS works
> > fine if the user is on the machine.  What gives?
> Exactly what error do you get?  The most likely problem is that you have
> some kind of firewall blocking the connections.
> -Larry Jones
> Hey Doc, for 10 bucks I'll make sure you see those kids in the
> waiting room again real soon! -- Calvin

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