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problems when editing modules file

From: Jay Glanville
Subject: problems when editing modules file
Date: Tue, 26 Mar 2002 19:43:55 GMT

Hello all.  I'm having a problem when I try to modify my modules file.
Perhaps someone can help me.

I want to create an ampersand module.  So I go through the documented
process for modifying an admin file:
  cvs co CVSROOT
  vim modules
    .. add line like this:
    timepiece  &source &docs
  cvs ci modules
  cd ..
  cvs release -d CVSROOT

Now, when I checkout the new module:
  cvs co timepiece
  cvs checkout: cannot find module `timepiece' - ignored

So I goto the server:
  more modules
    ... lots of comments, no modules defined

However, If I do another checkout of the CVSROOT module and look at the
modules file, I can see my changes.  It's just that my changes to the
modules,v file aren't getting to the modules file. What gives?



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