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Branching and tags

From: Thomas Tuft Muller
Subject: Branching and tags
Date: Tue, 26 Mar 2002 18:15:41 -0000

Hi CVS gurus,

We've just started to use branches (a new experience), and have encountered
some difficulties.

We've spawned one new branch from the root directory (called
MBX-1_0_1_PATCHES) and updated a few files on that branch. Everything seemed
to work fine until we tagged the files in the new branch (MBX-1_0_2_b1).

A checkout based on the latter tag does not commit new revisions properly
(CVS responds with 'the tag MBX-1_0_2_b1 is not a branch').

A checkout base on the branch tag and a following update did *not* update
the files in the sandbox. Why is that?

What is the proper way of checking out a specified tagged extract from a
branch (the branch itself is a tagged extract isn't it?). The whole idea is
that the sandbox should be "based on a particular branch", but updated based
on a tag. Does this make any sense?

Any help on this would be much appreciated!



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